Why Travel Trust Association (TTA)?

The founders of TTA set up a travel business many years ago. At the time it was quite a difficult process. That inspired them to set up a company that helped others set up their own travel businesses, and navigate through the commercial and regulatory challenges.

TTA now offers its core members all of the following benefits:

  • The lowest cost way of creating your independent travel business. The vast majority of our members chose to be core TTA members. Under core membership you operate the full end-to-end business with us in the background to help with specifics like meeting the regulation. If you just want help with ATOL applications and bonding, then we offer a no consultancy fee service
  • Rent the technology: Don't underestimate the cost of the technology required for a travel business. Unfortunately, I frequently talk to travel companies who have spent vast sums on IT, to get something that does half the job. TTA technology has a policy of providing the core technology at very low start-up costs, and charging low monthly fees while you build your business. You can see what you are going to get before you pay us anything. We can offer fantastic deals as we create one set of technology for hundreds of travel businesses. While this is a 'pay as you grow' deal, we do not tie you in for long contractual periods
  • Business partner network: We have already negotiated over 200 business partner deals which are ready for you to use on day one. These cover some of the biggest names in the market. Rest assured, we use the combined scale of our members to get great deals
  • Access to travel market expertise: For those new to travel, one of the most valued services is access to TTA travel expertise. That might be other TTA members, our business partners or ourselves here at TTA

In addition, TTA also offer

  • ATOL application service, for business who want to get a CAA, ATOL or TTA's alternative the T-ATOL

Why not contact George on 01483 545784 or email Joinus@traveltrust.co.uk.