Stage 7: Assess your business

Regardless of the number of bookings, you have some feedback now. Even if you have not made a booking you should view the time and costs as an investment. The questions to ask are:

  • Is my customer proposition appealing? The indicator for this is the response to the test campaign. Customers register their interest by responding. If in the sales process, you are compared to other companies, then either the marketing message needs to be clearer, or you are competing with an existing business. Remember that customer perception is reality, even if you think they are wrong

  • Is my customer proposition value for money? Closing the sale at your target price will give you a very clear indication. If you closed all the sales then you probably need to think about increasing the price! Lucky you!

  • What is your cost per sale (total sales divided by cost to market and sell)? Can you afford these costs? Which marketing channels have the best cost per sale?

  • Did the customer who showed interest or bought from you fit the profile you had in mind

  • Does the feedback indicate something you should change about the proposition?