Leadership style
Leadership is a very hard subject to tie down. How do you know that you have the basics covered? One change management system I have experience of uses, among many other things, the four P's [Managing Transitions, William Bridges], which are what you need to have in place to lead people through change.
Purpose: What is the point of your business and do you and any of your people understand that? If this is clear it ought to be obvious what individuals do in certain circumstances. If this is unclear, people are less able to make judgement calls for the business.
Picture: What will the business look like (for customers, your people, suppliers) when it is up and running properly? What parts of the picture are actually performed by other organisations? Everybody needs to understand the high level picture, and then individuals need to understand their areas in greater depth.
Plan: What needs to be done to build the picture? What is currently in place, what is missing and what are the key stages in getting to the picture?
Part to Play: What role do you and each person play in delivering the plan? Some of these people will work outside the organisation, but they also need to be covered by the plan.
While this is a change management method, it is a useful thought process to help you check the clarity of your thinking and communication. Given that you are setting up you are by definition managing a change process. This brings us on to communication itself.